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When googling the term “business intelligence” the majority of the search results on the first pages relate to software companies that offer BI tools to generate reports and dashboards and the results on subsequent pages are links to articles in publications aimed at CIO’s and IT people.   (0)

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For a number of midsized companies, the word "strategy" seems to have an unholy connotation. The concept is linked with expensive consultants that develop intricate strategy presentations full of lofty ideas and fluffy statements of "vision" and "mission" that are completely separated from the day-to-day operational activity. The gut-reaction of these companies to the concept is to brush it away as an expensive waste of time that diverges attention from the trenches of daily operations where the money is made and where things "get done".  (0)

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In times of crisis, strategic thinking is often replaced by a focus on short term actions to tackle the pressing issues this crisis causes for the company. In itself this is a normal and even necessary reaction as, if these short term issues are not addressed, there usually is a distinct possibility that the long term will no longer matter as the company has gone under...  (0)

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I have recently come across the self-determination theory (SDT) on several unconnected occasions. This theory is the basis of the book “Drive” which I read a couple of months ago, it featured prominently in a presentation on “motivation of employees in a change project” I attended recently and it was mentioned in an article I read this morning on how to motivate your children to perform at school…   (0)

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I recently came across an article that promoted rewarding employees for trying out new and creative ideas, even if these fail. Some companies have started initiatives to award an “Heroic Failure” trophy for this kind of initiatives. The reasoning behind this is that it is better for people to try out creative and innovative initiatives, than to have no initiatives at all because people are afraid of the repercussions if these initiatives fail: negative performance appraisal, impact on career opportunities or even outright dismissal.  (1)

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A second major factor contributing to the continuation of the budgeting activity, especially in larger organisations with multiple divisions or business units, is that this process provides a sense of control to the people working in HQ and to the top management of the company.   (0)

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Despite the numerous books, articles and blogs about the advantages of going “Beyond Budgeting” and the countless studies on the cost and inefficiencies of the traditional annual budgeting process, the majority of companies still holds on to the engrained process of drafting annual budgets and measuring actual performance against this budget.   (0)

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