01.06.2011 in Belgium

Passionate about passion


Last weekend, I attended a dancing performance in which my sister took part. Without any subjectivity, I can say the show was magnificent. People simply doing their hobby delivered a great result to their audience, although they did not have that many resources available.

What struck me most during the evening (besides the relief that I did not had to dance myself) was the reason of their great performance. I think one word suits best to explain it: passion! The author of this item guarantees the presence of it while writing this blog.

I can really enjoy the realizations of passionate people, be it in their private life as in business, sports, or any other field. This specific example of the dancing performance got me thinking about passion in a broad sense. What would be so special about passion in fact?

Making Google search for ‘passion’ gave me some funny results, but quite different from the ones I was looking for. Fortunately, Wikipedia came to the rescue and helped me a bit further with saying passion “may refer to emotion”. The latter confirmed my thoughts, it seems like passion and emotions go hand in hand: when doing something with a true passion, emotions automatically emerge.

A limited user guide could be helpful to deal with this phenomenon of passion, starting with some easy to catch symptoms. Sparkles in the eyes, infinite energy to keep on going or an enthusiastic speaking tone are possible signs of passion. For anyone confronted with passion and its symptoms, it is important to know that it will not harm your health. Nevertheless, beware for an important risk: passion can be contagious! Serious cases of contamination are seen in organizations and enterprises, leading to extraordinary performances with large impact…

To get back to reality: it is true that only passion will not suffice to solve our day-to-day problems. However, I am convinced that for whatever solution we will find, passion can add that little extra touch between good and beyond. It can make the difference between just another good performance and an excellent one.

Tom Libbrecht
Tom Libbrecht
Project Consultant